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Delivering Memories, by Steve Heyer CEO

Given the relentless march of progress and history itself, businessmen have to always be ready to react to new developments. It is clear at present that the man was right in his tips, delivered long years ago. He delivered a keynote speech bearing this message to a group of 400 media, ad agency and entertainment executives during an “Advertising Age” conference in 2003.

Steve Heyer is a person of great importance in the business world, not least because he is one of the chiefs of Starwood Hotels. Heyer's speech given some years ago was expanded on later, during his interviews. His primary claim was that he had not intention of marketing a hotel room but rather wanted to market an experience.

Heyer's emphasis was on the marketing of an experience. He wanted to emphasize the value of promoting amusements as services or products. This is a complete change in perspective and approach, although the product and services did not change at all.

He also emphasized the need to provide for the new powers of consumers nowadays. This is precisely what one now observes in businesses: customization. Nowhere is this more visible than in the technologically-centered industries.

The latest developments have also spelled difficulty for people in entertainment. Just for illustration, when software for musical piracy was introduced, the support from consumers was so overwhelming that the music industry almost immediately saw a setback in profits. Internet users indiscriminately downloaded the latest and most popular hits for free.

The musical industry suffered huge losses, as noted by Heyer in his 2003 speech. For Heyer, this was only a reminder that people needed to constantly change their approaches to meet fresh issues. Heyer insisted that even those in television had to look out for how the new circumstances could affect them.

The idea behind his words was the replacement of traditional understandings of products with new concepts based around them being associated with a certain lifestyle. In the interview explaining his marketing strategy for Starwood Hotels, he furthered explained that they are now a company engaged in distributing entertainment and unforgettable experiences. This would thus place the onus of drawing in consumers on the entertainment value of the hotels in question, as opposed to their actual ability to "house" people in need of a place to stay temporarily.

In order to achieve the goal, Heyer has brought in Victoria's Secret, partnering with it to promote the hotels through the fashions shows being hosted for the lingerie line. Along with online bidders, only preferred guest members of Starwood can buy tickets to the elite fashion event. This is a case of the product being an experience.

Heyer has not restrained from making critiques of Hollywood practices, like the meaningless appearance of brands in scenes. The CEO has spoken of it as a random, ill-advised technique. Heyer argues against the practice by calling it both a useless appendage to the plot as well as a useless tool for a business.

Steve Heyer CEO used to head Coca Cola Ventures. It was during his work then that he showed what he meant by smart and relevant brand appearance in a video shot. He managed to get Coke cups on the table of the judges for a certain talent competition aired on TV, ensuring contextual visibility.

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Finding the Best Online MBA Programs

Deciding which of the best online MBA programs to apply to can be a daunting task even for the most decisive MBA applicants. In selecting an MBA program, it is essential that you have to take all options into consideration. It is necessary that your decision is a well-considered one, hence you should get all the information that you need for all the available options.

Being identified apart from other students is a goal that an MBA graduate wants to achieve. Students can have a lot of choices when it comes to searching for institutions that offer MBA programs. Options for MBA programs are also present among institutions that offer distance-learning facilities.

Each university that offers MBA programs possesses good and not-so good qualities and one can cull bad schools from good through these characteristics. Since studying through distance-learning institutions offers varying features, it is important to make these a part of the decision-making process. It then makes it important for students to discern the best online MBA programs from the not-so-good ones.

Courses that are offered by top institutions will cover topics on management, finance, economics, marketing, accounting and human resource. There are schools, however, that have fewer core subjects but more management-related courses instead. The most essential thing that the student should check for is the presence of the foundational courses in the curriculum.

The learning, education and teaching methods should also be taken into consideration, since distance-learning will involve a lot of technologies and communication during the entire process. To provide a good flow of teaching, online institutions simulate a learning environment in a virtual setting. Most of the institutions that provide quality MBA education want their students to get for feel of studying in a virtual environment, hence they provide tutorials and introductions even before the formal classes begin.

Accreditation of an MBA program is also important and this can be an indication that the program is one of the best around. Being a certified and accredited institution means that the school provides education at the highest standard. The accreditation can be evidence that the institution can help students once they work in the real world.

In order to get to the most definite list of the best MBA schools offered online, there are a lot more factors that should be taken into account. Students should look into the standing of the university in comparison to other online MBA programs, the fee for admission and enrollment, as well as the job placement opportunities that the institution can provide. The options for the best distance-learning MBA institution will vary from one student to another.

Researching paves way to valuable information and in turn, a more informed decision. Talking with some alumni and students currently studying under the distance-learning program will provide you with information that you might not get just by reading online. You can even attend MBA school fairs or browse online forums to gain more information about your schools of choice and their programs.

Pitting few online MBA schools against each other can also help you decide which will come out as the best option. When doing this, you should consider those things that you think are the most important in your education. Although you can have a guide from the rankings made by other institutions, you should only keep these as a reference.

The ability to see all your options and make a wise decision from them is an expected skill from MBA graduates. Deciding on the best online MBA institution and courses is an important step that a student has to make. It can be challenging, but the advantages of doing so will be very beneficial in the long run.

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Web Design Perth Experts on Site Optimization

Consider two websites in the same area in Perth, Australia, one being advertised more often than the other, what is the deal? In a case like this, it is obvious that the one with a visible online presence will lure more customers. What you have here is the reason behind the advice of web design Perth pros about utilizing SEO techniques.

The principle of SEO, or search engine optimization, has been around for many years yet some businesses are lagging behind in terms of its application. For most of them, SEO is just a waste of time. When it comes to any type of business, what can SEO do?

Go back to the example provided above. Suppose the business establishments were selling roofing materials. For sure an interested customer will try and find a company online that will supply him or her with roofing products in Perth, Australia.

For sure clients will go to their trusty search engine to inquire about "roofing materials Perth" and what not. In this case, all it takes is a few seconds for the Google or Yahoo to provide you with a number of results matching the search. When it comes to this, not all sites make the first page of results as some get lost farther into the mix.

Websites that make it to the top spots are the ones that are most likely to be viewed and therefore most likely to earn from sales. How do some websites beat others at the top spot? According to Web design Perth professionals, it is all about search engine optimization.

SEO employs various tools that help a website get to the top ranks in search results. When it comes to search engines, online surfers normally view the first few results that are displayed and that is about it. With more views technically comes more profit for companies.

What web design Perth experts advise is that businesses rely on SEO techniques when they build their sites so that they will be able to succeed. Companies need to have a site if they want to establish themselves in the World Wide Web. However, it also opens your business to a tougher marketing competition with all the businesses trying to promote their products and services online.

Employing SEO techniques in your website design and content will enable your website to stand out from the rest. There are various SEO techniques that you can use to promote your site. One of the tools that you can utilize when it comes to SEO is keyword optimization and this is where primary keywords are added to meta tags and content.

Another technique is linking. When it comes to this, if you have more sites that are linked to your site or if you have more page links, you will be able to achieve a better search engine score. Remember that all kinds of links matter when it comes to this.

For all your web design needs, there are a number of available web design Perth experts. These web designers know how to incorporate SEO effectively to improve your site's search engine ranking. You can generate more business for your site through better SEO rankings.

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