Biyernes, Oktubre 28, 2011

Why Water Tanks and Clean Water Are Important

Because many families cannot access safe water, they are at risk of getting disease that is linked to contaminated water. The rural areas of many countries have no access to clean water and sanitation. Managing water resources is crucial, but many people are not aware of the importance of this commodity.

In Bangladesh, there is a serious problem with arsenic contamination in tube wells purely because people did not dig to the correct depths. Bangladeshi government officials were either unaware of depth regulations, or they did not supervise installation correctly. The death toll because of arsenic poisoning is catastrophic.

Even though such poisoning is not always fatal, it will cause serious harm. Arsenic poisoning from contaminated water sources is a global issue. Poisoned water sources have affected 140 million people in 70 countries.

This enormous number can be curbed if authorities take action regarding contaminated water. All pipes, plumbing systems and reservoirs need to be checked on a regular basis. In developing countries, millions have been spent on related water projects.

Although there haven't been any deaths reported in Bangladesh, the government needs to act swiftly to keep this the case. There are rumors that the Bangladeshi government has received aid for this purpose. It is worrying that nothing has been done thus far.

More severe cases have been reported in other parts of the world. Many children under 5 have died in developing countries because of water related sicknesses. In fact, 90% of water-related diarrhea deaths occur in children who are malnourished, as they are too weak to resist infection.

Between 2000 and 2003, 769000 African children died from water-related diarrhea. A huge number of these deaths could have been prevented by building just one clean water tank in any of the affected areas. In developed countries, there were 700 children under 5 that suffered the same fate from diarrheal disease.

Cleaner water supplies reduce the number of deaths due to diarrhea by as much as 25%. If you store, treat and distribute water correctly, as in developed nations, you can reduce cases of diarrhea by 39%. In an ideal world, all nations would operate in the same way.

Studies have shown that sewage is the main cause of contamination, which means that people end up drinking human fecal parasites. This is a disturbing fact. In 2006, surveys revealed that about 1.1 billion people did not have proper drinking water, and in the same year, 1.8 million people died from water-related illnesses.

Poor access to clean water could lead to preventable deaths. For very little money, Water Tanks, filters, and purifiers can be placed to save lives. Safe, efficient distribution of water can help to keep many homes safe.

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