Huwebes, Hulyo 26, 2012

How Prevagen Can Help You: Dealing With Memory Lapses

Is it getting more and more difficult to comprehend new lessons or memorize the notes you have for exams? This phenomenon is called cognitive deficiency and it is becoming an increasingly common occurrence. The brain works constantly without taking any breaks or rests and this is why it needs to be regularly maintained.

Cognitive deficiency is generally not a permanent condition and one recommended way of restoring maximum brain function would be to take supplements. It is popular belief that a balanced diet is the answer in obtaining maximum performance for the body. But newer studies are proving that people should not rely on a good diet alone, since it does not provide enough nutrients to support your brain and body's activities.

A person taking supplements improves their brain function by providing enough nutrients which in turn enhances cognition. The nutrients in brain supplements are compounds that you can actually take from food which you consume on a daily basis. Supplements strengthen brain functions by providing essential elements needed for optimum functioning.

Today, there are a handful of unique ingredients discovered and found out to have distinct neuroprotective properties. One unexpected source for these nutrients would be deep-sea dwelling jellyfish where Apoaequorin is taken. Scientists learned that a protein present in these jellyfish give them the ability to glow as it binds with calcium ions which are also present in humans.

The brain cells produce sufficient supplies of calcium-binding proteins during our twenties to thirties but as age progresses, this supply of neuroprotective proteins lessens, leaving the cells susceptible to calcium overload, which leads to cell damage. Visit to hear about Prevagen which is the only supplement in the market which contains Apoaequorin compounds. It is a safe product which does not react negatively with other herbal drugs and it also has no known side effects.

Apoaequorin is recognized as a ‘calcium-binding protein’ that is important for the calcium regulation process in the nerve cells. The product contains 10mg of Apoaequorin in each tablet and it functions by binding to calcium ions in cells and in the process, reducing cell damage. This calcium binding protein is produced in lesser quantities as the human body ages.

Furthermore, the supplement restores cognitive balance and eventually treats common types of memory deficiencies. The Apoaequorin in this supplement very closely resembles the calcium binding protein that the body produces naturally. It's also a good supplement to take in for boosting the production of various protective proteins that diminish with age.

The laboratory tests confirm that at least 50% of cells were protected from calcium toxicity. You can elevate your brain health with this supplement which regenerates and protects nerve cells. Everyone knows that boosting brain health also boosts over-all functioning in the body.

Aging is the primary cause behind many changes in cellular functioning. With brain cells, calcium binding protein production gets hindered. The resulting increase of calcium ions interfere with the brain's learning functions on cognition and memory.

Unfortunately, there are no food sources that contain calcium-binding proteins. Incorporating a lot of fruits and vegetables is a good move for a healthier lifestyle but this step doesn’t increase the presence of calcium binding proteins in the body. Only Prevagen is supported by various brain research supplements in providing an essential protein necessary for optimum brain function. Read reviews about Prevagen. Visit this website.