Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

The Beautiful Elements of Costa Rica

People who have visited Costa Rica still remain unfamiliar with its actual location on a map and this is because they are usually taken in awe by the breathtaking sights. In Central America, Costa Rica is one of the countries that enjoy Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea beachfronts. Aside from Nicaragua, Panama is also one of its bordering countries.

With a name that means “Rich Coast”, Costa Rica has one of the most established economies in this region. Its tourism industry is doing very well and the government is performing a great job in taking care of the country’s rich natural treasures. What you have here is the number one spot in the Happy Planet Index.

When it comes to this country, not only is the location really amazing but the culture is truly overwhelming too. As nighttime draws nearer and nearer, funky music from restaurants and bars fill the streets. The country has so many things to offer tourists and vacationers, which is why travelers keep coming from different parts of the world.

The main Costa Rican attraction is the beaches, which are some of the best beaches in the world. One of the best surfing areas in the world can be found in this country and it is referred to by the locals as Dominical Beach. The nightlife in the country is another reason for its bustling tourism since a number of vacationers are attracted to the place because of it.

It is Jacò Beach that is offering bars and casinos that are all open until morning the next day and this is another attraction. The entire town of Jacò is known by locals and expats as the “party beach city”. In Jacò, there are plenty of activities despite the small size of the town and you can go for a surf, some sightseeing, or hop from one bar to the next.

By going to Playa Grande, you can take in everything that nature has to offer. This tranquil white-sand beach offers a peace and oneness with nature for the tired tourist, seeking a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Every year, turtles come to Playa Grande to nest and this is another attraction.

Rafting is one of the many popular activities for those who are a bit more adventurous than others. When it comes to this country, the countless rivers make it a real excellent spot for rafting aficionados. The most popular rafting destinations are Turrialba, Sarapiqui River and Toro River.

When you travel to this country, do consider fishing. Aside from the sand and surf, you can also dive out when you are here. What you have here are only some of the things that can be done in the country.

In this part of Central America, bike routes reign supreme with courses passing through volcanoes and mountains. If possible, you can go through one of the dirt paths leading to the Turrialba Volcano foothills. There is another path leading to Lake Arenal which is also amazing.

From the sand and surf to clubbing and shopping, you will truly enjoy lots of things in Costa Rica. When it comes to this, spend more than a week in the country. The thing about flying into Costa Rica is that there are tons of direct flights offered by major airlines across the globe.

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