Lunes, Enero 23, 2012

Saving Water With World Water Day Celebration And Water Tanks

The vast supply of water in first world countries like the US makes people neglect water tanks because they always have a steady supply of water. A lot would waste water without knowing how precious a natural resource it is. Poorer countries are the ones that appreciate water tanks for them to have a sufficient amount of water.

We now have a yearly celebration so that people won’t forget the value of water and we call this World Water Day. The United Nations General Assembly has affirmed March 22 as the day that all should celebrate water. This celebration came to reality in 1993.

This is the day that requires people to not use their water taps so that our life source, water, can be preserved. The UN comes up with themes each year in order to involve each country in observing this important event. One specific activity is the raising of global issues regarding water.

Various agencies in various countries are present to help the UN in their celebration in conserving water. The work of these organizations is to gain the attention of the government and other people so that they are able to send forth their message about clean water and the preservation of aquatic life. Back in 1997 and even until now the World Water Council has always had the participation of a special group called the World Water Forum.

With the forum they discussed why many people could still not have clean and safe water. Safe water is something that all should have and it is very sad that those in first world countries just don’t care about it. To solve this problem, the Council has made it a point that every country must have an annual report about the status of their water.

There are various themes each year and just last year the theme was “Water for Cities: Responding to the Urban Challenge” and in 2010 it was “Clean Water for a Healthy World”. People gave a great deal of thought to the selection of these themes. Once the theme has been decided, it will then be given to different groups and organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) and many more.

The water tank industry is a humble industry, yet in can do much for the planet. Water tanks are constructed so that safe and clean water will be conserved. In terms of irrigation and agriculture, the use of water tanks proves to be beneficial.

In our history, we have men creating water tanks already. Just by a river or a lake is where early humans would mostly live. There was a time that early humans needed to live on land far from the lakes and rivers and that is why they had to make earthen tanks and storage tanks.

Today, leading industries in the US still make use of water tanks. The most common ones are elevated tanks. The elevated water tank exerts pressure that can help water travel to various areas and houses.

Water tanks can be used for manufacturing purposes. It would have significant usage in agriculture, planting and many more. The creation of water tanks is just one more indicator of how valuable water is, and how safe and potable water and our earth must be preserved.

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